Dear Valued Customers,
With concerns about the spread of COVID-19, our school put top priority on the safety and health of students, lecturers, employees, as well as everyone else around us. Thus, as per the previous update, all lessons have been switched to online from March 21st to May 6th 2020.  In response to the latest government’s declaration of emergency, the period for online lessons have been extended to May 31st, 2020
As of today, it has been staggering one and a half months since all lessons became online, however, we appreciate your flexibility over the matter. Thanks to you, we are being able to manage lessons online as before, and on top of that, many of you have been learning at a higher pace than before, which makes We instructors and staff relieved.
まだしばらく”Stay Home”期間は続きますが、少しでも皆さまのセルフスタディーにお役立て頂きたく今後、定期的に時事的な学習リソースをご登録のメールアドレスに送信させて頂ければと存じます。先ずは以下第一回目リソースとなります。新たなボキャブラリーやフレーズのインプットにお役立て頂けると幸いです。
Although the period of “Stay Home” is still ongoing, we are planning to provide learning resources with current topics regularly wishing that it will be of help for you to continue learning journey by yourself, too. You can get the very first resource below. We hope it will help you with the input of new vocabulary and phrases.  
– Countermeasures to Deal with COVID-19 [新型コロナウィルスへの対応]
– Samidare Style [五月雨式] / Visiting Spouse’s Parents Blues [帰省ブルー]
We will keep you updated with additional information accordingly.
If you have any questions, you can feel free to ask us anytime.
Please stay safe and be healthy.

We Team

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