Dear Members of the We language School,


At present, many students are switching to remote learning (online lessons) due to concerns about the spread of the new coronavirus. In consideration of your safety, We recommend everyone to take online courses.

Weでは、かねてよりスクールとオンラインのハイブリッド化をはかって参りました。 スクールとオンラインでは、必要ポイント数も同じ(プライベートレッスン = 2P/L / グループレッスン = 1P/L)となっております。同じWelifeシステム上で予約から講師とのメッセージング、そしてレッスンレコードの管理までを行うことも可能です。

We have been transforming to hybridized learning with face-to-face and online lessons. For both, the required number of points is the same (2 points). With the Welife online platform, you can book lessons, communicate with teachers, and manage your lesson records (as well)


We hope that you will consider taking this opportunity to switch to online, which will help you diverse your lessons, as well as easier time management.

現在オフライン(スクール・レッスン)でご受講及びご予約いただいているレッスンをオンライン受講へ切り替えたい場合Welifeにて、パソコンであれば「カレンダー内」、スマホサイトであれば「Upcoming lessons (within 30 days)」に記載された当該レッスン名の表示上のZoomリンクをクリックすることによりオンラインルームへ入室することができます。

If you would like to switch to an online lesson from your current face-to-face lessons, you can enter the online lesson room by clicking the Zoom link in the title of the lesson in the calendar (the computer site) or the “Upcoming lesson” (smartphone site) on Welife portal.


Stay tuned for our unique online lessons in the future with a variety of teachers from around the world.


We are committed to improving services and providing you with the best support possible during this uncertain time.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Finally, please take care and stay healthy.

We Staff Team

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